A Brief Introduction

Despite the hell of modern publishing demanding I cage these stories within ‘genres' they aren’t because they sprang from my Spirit, long before I was aware of publishing’s caging, genre-driven, chains. They are the product of unfettered imagination walking ‘The High-Hills’ like the Medieval Troubadours to bring their visions to those they travelled amongst. The verses within many of them are a link to that Troubadour past where song drove a story.

The author behind The Lady Aphrodite and the Margaret Montrose (www.thegoldenpath.co.uk) pseudonyms earned his HND Mech.Eng. (Higher National Diploma)in 1961, then spent ten years in R&D in industry, during which he restored raced and rallied the Vintage (1920’s) cars which were his only transport.

In 1971 he started his own engineering manufacturing company driving his own machine tools which he built up to manufacture his own award winning patented products.   Over the next forty years he restored and sailed an iconic 1905 yacht, restored and lived in two Tudor houses while driving numerous pro-bono associations, clubs and campaigns, writing all they stood for.

He stood for Parliament on an Out of Europe ticket for which he wrote and published his own material, achieving 5 times the UKIP vote.   He started writing seriously in 2001 while building a 1,000 book library as a voracious reader across the Classics.

He’s a folk-dance musician and Bell-Ringer as an absolutely original creator in everything as a person from whom The Cage is so The High Hill the only place to be.

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We Can't Lose

Our protoganists use Love’s its gift on a cliff edge to bring victory out of defeat - so step from the temporal into the eternal.


Stille Nacht

A delicious rollick on how ‘Holy Night’ came to be written where Love breaks chains to show ‘Together is Better Than Apart’.


War or Peace

A sharp lesson against interfering in Nature’s Ordained Divinities - where, by grace, Love triumphed.


Heaven's Gate

Shows us the truth of why Jesus blessed ‘The Prostitute’ for doing for her fellow what convention damned - because he knew he would too.


The Little Dint

Shows how, when your back is to the wall, Love’s huge power in everything, we do - even building ships - can draw together to triumph.



Victory is won through Love’s power to break all The Rules with which Man has bound himself down time.


The Un-Reluctant Dragon

Flown from a classical Fairy-Story by a great children’s author to fly wonderful rollick
where two children find a dragon to help them free us from our chains.


The Queene of The Silver Sluice

A sequel to The Unreluctant Dragon flown from another story ‘written for a young woman’ by Britain’s greatest ‘seer’ where our two children, with their dragons, enlist hosts of magical new friends in a new world - so The Fairies honour an ancient pledge.


Creation’s Cross

Shows Man’s magnificence in transforming the death of ‘Good Friday’ into the triumph of ‘Easter Sunday’ using his wonderful creative skills to rebuild the collapsed into a world icon.


A Morning in Florence

The Love of two good women against convention breaks the Medieval Church’s chains to
spring Art to light The Spirit’s Fire of The New Renaissance.

A shiny new 5* Review from 'Readers Favourites'

“The author demonstrates an effusion of imagination; it’s the life that flows through these stories that will seduce readers beyond measure.

I loved how the writing mimics the way the characters speak and plunges the reader in to that oh-so-natural world in which the stories are set. The entire work reels with such a beauty of language to have readers enthralled.

Margaret Montrose is a master of The Short Story, with interesting characters and plot structures that make the stories irresistible. Aspects of Love is heartwarming, so readers with find themselves laughing, contemplating the mystery and fantasising about love to reach out beyond themselves – this collection surely has something for everyone.”

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